What Solves Everything in Golf?

  Ask anyone and they will have a different answer. What solves everything? Some will say Santa Claus does (although this will mostly be the ‘under five’ crowd.) The next age group – the ‘tween’ market – will say either cell phones or one hot vampire who has made their lives pure heaven for the […]

Lauren Silberman’s Failure and Success at NFL

  A young woman by the name of Lauren Silberman recently walked into the NFL tryouts for kicker and, unfortunately, didn’t do what she wanted to do. Being the very first woman to try out for the NFL, Silberman was more than excited for the opportunity. However, after just her second kickoff attempt, she was […]

Why NFL Season Is Thrilling This Year

  This is it! This is what we’ve been waiting for. We’ve gotten through all the QB controversies, Darth Vader facemasks, Tim Tebow trying his best to first be a Jet and then distance himself as far as he could from the notion – and now the NFL season is about to have the weekend […]

Super Bowl: What Teams are Next in Line for a Big Win?

Okay, football fans… You may be smiling, you may be jumping for joy, or you may just be routing for a team that has caused the panic to set into your chest as you wonder if there’s a shot in heck that they can make it to the playoffs. Well…no worries, nothing is over until […]

The NFL…Are We Watching the Sci-Fi Channel?

  The NFL…Are We Watching the Sci-Fi Channel?   No, I’m not kidding, Every weekend it seems that we are in the world of “George Lucas” when it comes to the NFL. One week, the 49ers have a QB controversy with two immaculate men vying for the potion and showing the world that they are […]