The Green Minute: Celeb Vids from Chris Rock and Naomi Campbell

Today’s Green Minute features our final installment Live Earth PSAs that were produced 5 years ago describing ways individuals can conserve energy and take eco-friendly actions. The featured PSAs today come from comedian Chris Rock and model Naomi Campbell. Check them out: Chris Rock: Saving Energy by Keeping Air in Your Tires Naomi Campbell Promotes […]

The Green Minute: Easy Ways to Make Your Dishwasher Eco-Friendly

One energy intensive household item our readers use 5-7 times a week is the dishwasher. So how can a few eco-friendly tips help you save energy and subsequently money? For today’s Green Minute here are actions you can take to make your dishwasher more efficient. Load the Dishwasher Properly Don’t rinse dishes off in the […]

The Green Minute: Saving the Environment by Saving Your Food

Earlier this month, The Green Register published a story about how we waste half our food globally – nearly 2 billion tons annually. To help combat food waste, today’s Green Minute comes from Earth911?s 5 Easy Steps to Reduce Food Waste. Here are their “eco-friendly” Reduce Food Waste tips: 1. Start at the grocery […]

The Green Minute: Keep the Flu Away with Green Tips on Health

While most of the United States is in the midst of a flu epidemic, The Green Register was recently asked – What are some eco-friendly ways to prevent and combat colds and the flu? For today’s Green Minute, we have discovered a list of eco-friendly tips from our friends at the Oregon Environmental Council, on […]

The Green Minute – Happy New Year with a Green Lifestyle

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and to help you “ring in” the new year, the Green Minute will feature 5 simple resolutions a day for the next 3 days from the Natural Resource Defense Council’s “Simple Steps” website. Here are today’s five resolutions: 1. Avoid Waste: Recycle – Cost: $0 For every trash can of […]

Easy Ways to Save Energy While Staying Warm in Winter

Today’s Green Minute comes from the energy company Georgia Power. This week, the company prepared its customers for the first real cold weather this winter, with a list of simple energy and money saving tips. Below is their list of 10 items you can use as a checklist. The Georgia Power “winter approaching” energy saving checklist: […]

There’s Always Something Worth Fighting For!

Okay, we all know that the ‘sappy’ articles arrive during the holiday season. But when you truly think about it, it’s those sappy articles that remind us of how lucky we are to be alive, to be celebrating yet another close to yet another year that was filled with (hopefully) happiness and triumphs found along the way. And […]

This year will go down in history

  Dome Plateau, Castleton Tower, and the La Sal Mountains.  Copyright Tom Till. 2012 will go down in history as the year redrock wilderness came under attack like never before. Not only has Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed legislation demanding that the federal government give the state 30 million acres of federal land (including the […]

The Green Minute: Zero Waste Home – The Kitchen

From our good friends at here are ten tips to a zero-waste kitchen. Take one “Green Minute” and you can transform your kitchen. Welcome alternatives to disposables (paper towels, garbage liners, wax paper, aluminum sheets, disposable plates, cups, etc….): Swap paper towels for reusable rags, swap sandwich baggies for kitchen towels or stainless containers, drop garbage […]

A Golden Thanksgiving in a Bright ‘Green’ World!

  The ‘colors’ of Thanksgiving are absolutely stunning! The fall colors outside, with the leaves changing and the air crisp and clean, is perfection. While inside…the scents and colors boggle the mind as the golden turkey, the colorful stuffing, the sparkling greens, the dark orange and brown of the line of pies that take up […]